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Silver Britannia Coin

The Royal Mint has been producing the Silver Britannia coin since 1997, and it is a well-known and highly sought-after coin. This coin, weighing one troy ounce of.999 pure silver, has a face value of two pounds sterling and is backed by the British government. It gets its name from the legendary Britannia figure, which represents the British Isles' protection.

The image of Britannia features prominently on the reverse side of the Silver Britannia, armed with a trident, shield, and Corinthian helmet, ever-vigilant in protecting her motherland. Her left hand holds an olive branch, representing peace, while her armor is perfectly balanced. Notably, Philip Nathan, the skilled creator of this wonderful sculpture, added an often overlooked detail by stamping his name "Nathan" at the bottom.

The Silver Britannia coin is a cherished addition to any collection or portfolio because it combines artistic beauty, precious metal investment, and British heritage.

The coins history

The coin may bear the marking “Common Date,” indicating that it is a previously owned, circulated coin. These coins have varied years, which may be mixed or uniform, and they may show signs of wear, such as tarnishing or oxidation. Their silver content, however, remains intact, making them an economical option for collectors.

The coin has a long history dating back more than 1,000 years. With the Silver Britannia, the Royal Mint, which has been producing coins for centuries, continues this legacy. This coin was inspired by the ancient Britannia coins first made by the Romans.

In the past, the Romans personified continents and countries as female figures. For the Province of Britannia, which consisted of the Roman-controlled regions of England, Scotland, and Wales, they used the figure of Britannia. On coins of Emperor Hadrian (117-138 AD), she is depicted wearing flowing robes, holding a spear and shield, and seated on rocky crags, which likely offered the invaders’ first glimpse of Britain.