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1 Sovereign Coin

Explore our Gold Sovereign coins, meticulously crafted to embody reliability and timeless appeal. Each coin, steeped in history, offers more

½ Sovereign Coin

On the obverse side of this half sovereign coin has a face of King George V, while on the reverse

⅒ oz Protea Coin

The 1/10 oz Protea Coin offers the same exquisite design as its larger counterpart but in a more accessible size.

1 oz Protea Coin

Celebrate South African heritage with the 1 oz Protea Coin, showcasing the stunning beauty of the national flower. This substantial

⅒ oz Natura Coin

The 1/10 oz Natura Coin is a compact treasure, rich with the same exquisite detail found in its larger counterparts.

¼ oz Natura Coin

Opt for the 1/4 oz Natura Coin to experience the allure of South Africa’s wildlife in a more accessible size.

½ oz Natura Coin

The 1/2 oz Natura Coin showcases mid-sized elegance with its detailed depictions of South African fauna. Perfect for those looking

1 oz Natura Coin

Discover the majestic 1 oz Natura Coin, featuring unique wildlife designs that celebrate South Africa’s natural heritage. This coin is

½ Kruger Pond

Explore the historical elegance of the 1/2 Kruger Pond, a prized-collectible minted during South Africa’s gold rush era. This coin,

1 Kruger Pond

Discover the 1 Kruger Pond, a rare and prestigious coin minted in the late 19th century, embodying South Africa’s rich

1 Rand Gold Coin

Introducing the 1 Rand Gold Coin, a remarkable asset minted by The South African Mint from 1961 to 1983 to

2 Rand Gold Coin

Experience the enduring appeal of the South African 2 Rand Gold Coin, crafted with precision and designed for lasting value.