100 Gram Minted Gold Bar


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The 100g gold bar is manufactured by Rand Refinery Limited, a trusted name in the industry. This South African company has recently introduced a range of minted bars, including the 10g and 50g options alongside the 100 gram gold bar we offer. All of these bars boast a gold fineness of 999.9, representing the highest level of purity available.

When you invest in a Rand Refinery Limited gold bar, you’re investing in quality, simplicity, and integrity. As one of only five international LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) referees, Rand Refinery Limited holds a prestigious position in the Southern Hemisphere. The minted bars they produce are instantly recognisable as a symbol of excellence. These bars are produced by the Rand Refinery, and reflect the quality all international investors are familiar with through the gold Krugerrand.

While the Krugerrands are VAT exempt and is 22 carats, these bars carry 15% VAT, but are 24 carats in purity, making them an important addition to any precious metal portfolio. Moreover, these gold bars may be taken overseas as part of one’s yearly R1 million allowance (provided they are declared). Exporting of gold Krugerrands, on the other hand, is prohibited, and individuals may only take out R30,000.00 worth of gold Krugerrand out of the country. From this perspective, the 100 gram gold bar, including the others are desirable.

In line with our commitment to responsible practices, Rand Refinery Limited adheres to a Responsible Gold policy. This means that all of the gold used in their bars is sourced from eco-friendly mining operations, ensuring a sustainable future. You can trust that the chain of custody is maintained throughout the refining process, allowing you to trace the origin of your investment.

Dimensions: 47.73mm x 27.78mm x 4.60mm
Weight: 100 grams
Fineness: 99.9% (24 Carat)
Gold Content: 100 grams