Investing in Gold

Investing in gold Krugerrands can be a valuable way to protect your wealth and secure your financial future. This is because the value of gold tends to increase over time, making it an ideal inflation hedge. Gold also has a low correlation with other asset classes, such as stocks and bonds. This means that it can act as a diversification tool for investors.

It Is An Excellent Inflation Investment Strategy

South Africans face inflation as one of the most common economic issues on a daily basis. It refers to the overall rise in prices for goods and services over a period of time.

Inflation reduces purchasing power as prices increase, resulting in the ability to buy less with the same amount of money. An effective way to beat inflation is by considering purchasing gold, gold Krugerrands, and other precious metals. The reason is that gold and other precious metals hold their value much better than anything else. In the long term, this maintains your purchasing power.

Furthermore, in these times of extreme uncertainty, investors prefer gold as a financial asset. Investing in gold acts as a safety net for many investors. In addition, gold’s value rises when uncertainty leads to lower returns in other equities. Moreover, when it comes to the value of gold, a depreciation in the exchange rate of the South African Rand against other currencies can be advantageous for investors.

Looking To Diversify Your Profile?

With our economy at a low and during uncertain times, it can be an excellent addition to a portfolio; it can help to reduce the exposure to riskier investments and lessen losses that may occur. Investing in gold diversifies your portfolio, as it’s traditionally viewed as a safe-haven asset. This ensures that its value and demand are unlikely to decrease over the long term.


Investors value gold for its liquidity, a unique advantage absent in many other investments. Liquidity refers to how quickly an asset can be bought or sold without causing big price changes. This is essential for investors, as it allows them to access cash when needed and capitalise on investment opportunities.

When investing, there are a number of options available for investors looking to take advantage of its liquidity. Gold coins and bars are typically the most accessible option, as they are much easier to transport than large bulk purchases of bullion or precious metals.

Additionally, since people consider gold a safe-haven asset, its demand typically stays stable even when markets are volatile. This makes it easier to sell when needed, without concerns about significant price fluctuations due to shifts in supply or demand. This further increases its overall liquidity and provides investors with greater peace of mind when making investment decisions involving gold.

How Can I Invest In Gold?

Gold Bars and Coins

Invest In Gold Today

Only the finest gold. You deserve it.

1. What Is The Gold Krugerrand, And Is It Worth It?

The gold Krugerrand is the most popular form of bullion. The South African Mint mints it, and it holds one full ounce of fine gold (22 karats). The Krugerrand was first issued in 1967, and since then, its reputation has grown significantly due to its high quality, portability, and affordability. When buying a Krugerrand, you have three primary options: individual coins, rolls of coins (10-50 coins per roll), or bags containing 500 or more coins. They typically sell coins at a value close to their melt value, along with a slight premium to account for manufacturing expenses.

This form of investing allows you to benefit from the gold price appreciation while still having liquidity if you need access to cash quickly. You don’t need a large sum of money upfront when purchasing Krugerrands; you can start with just one coin if necessary. Moreover, owning physical gold provides complete control over your assets, with no custodial fees or the need for permission to sell.

In addition, there are many reputable dealers who sell Krugerrands online or through retail outlets that offer security measures such as insurance policies and secure storage solutions for buyers’ safety and convenience. Lastly, remember that investing in precious metals, like any investment, comes with risks such as market fluctuations due to political unrest or economic upheaval. Always approach it cautiously and conduct research on each product before purchasing.

2. Gold Bars

These bars range from only a few grams to 300 ounces. This type of investment is pricier, so it is important to make sure you’re dealing with a credible supplier. When paying for delivery, make sure that it is with insurance and that you have a safe place to store your gold, such as a safe or vault. Moreover, it is advisable that you stay aware of the price of gold so that you can decide when it is best to purchase it.

3. The JSE

Investing in gold company stocks listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is a great way to benefit from gold prices without having to physically own and store the metal itself. Gold companies can vary in size and operations, but they all share the same goal of profiting from the market price of gold. The gold price can have a profound effect on the profitability of any company, thus its share price.

Changes in the gold price can either adversely or positively affect a business, depending on the nature of the shifts. For example, if there is an unexpected increase in gold prices, it could put a strain on operational resources due to higher demand for gold products, which may lead to cost overruns as well as delayed production times. On the other hand, too low a gold price could cause operational problems such as losses due to lower margins or even bankruptcy if production costs exceed profits.

Is Investing In Gold For Me?

Gold is often seen as a smart investment choice for those who are looking to diversify their portfolio and protect their assets from the uncertainty of the stock market. While investing can be a low-risk, safe-haven asset, it does not always offer high returns like other investments. So, it is very important to weigh your financial goals and risk tolerance before making an investment.

If you’re still not sure about investing, consult with an experienced investment advisor or financial planner. They will take your objectives into account and discuss the potential risks associated with investing in gold. They will be able to provide you with valuable guidance so that you can make a decision that best suits your personal needs and goals, as well as one you are comfortable and content with.

Moreover, another benefit of speaking to an expert before investing in gold is that they can provide information on other factors that could affect the performance of your portfolio, such as taxation policies, exchange rates, and geopolitical events that could potentially impact the price of gold over time.

Benefits of Owning Gold

  • Gold is respected worldwide for its value and rich historical significance, recognised by various cultures for thousands of years.
  • It retains its value over time, making it a means to preserve wealth from one generation to the next.
  • Gold possesses unique properties like resistance to corrosion and being easily workable, enhancing its appeal.
  • Historically, gold has been seen as a hedge against both inflation and deflation, offering financial security.
  • Gold is also regarded as a “crisis commodity,” retaining its value during geopolitical uncertainties and often outperforming other investments.
  • The potential shortage in global gold supplies due to declining production usually drives up gold prices, making it a profitable investment.
  • The increasing demand for gold, especially in Asian markets, signifies its growing popularity and potential for a high return on investment.
  • Investments in gold can be made in various forms, including physical gold like bullion, coins, and jewellery, as well as gold funds, stocks, futures, and options, and gold IRAs.
  • Gold investments are seen as a valuable asset and a great option for maintaining long-term wealth or passing wealth on to heirs.
  • Owning physical gold eliminates the need for middlemen, making transactions simpler.
  • Unlike other assets, owning gold means you don’t have to worry about earnings reports, changes in dividend and interest payments, or unhappy shareholders.

Key Takeaway

Investing in gold Krugerrands offers a valuable strategy for wealth preservation and financial security. Gold’s historical tendency to appreciate over time makes it an effective inflation hedge, and its low correlation with other assets provides diversification benefits. In uncertain times, gold serves as a safety net, countering lower returns in equities. The stability of gold’s value during currency depreciation is advantageous. Diversifying with gold can mitigate risks in a volatile economy.

Gold’s liquidity allows quick buying and selling, making it a practical choice. The gold Krugerrand, a popular form of bullion, offers accessibility and control over assets. Other options include buying gold bars and investing in gold company stocks on the JSE. Consulting with experts is advised to align investment choices with financial goals and risk tolerance. Gold’s timeless value, resistance to geopolitical uncertainties, and potential for high returns contribute to its appeal as a crisis commodity and long-term wealth preserver.

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